I’m so excited for AI

This morning I replied to an email stating “I’m so excited for AI.”

After I sent it, I thought to myself: what does that really mean? The way that sentence is written implies that I’m waiting for an event to happen, like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

I caught myself and recognize that AI is already here, so, when can I really say I’m excited for it? On what part of the scale will I jump up and down for joy?

AI is now the best Go player in the world. A few years ago researches said it was impossible for AI to beat humans due to the game’s complexities. After losing 0–3 to AlphaGo, Ke Jie, the world’s best Go player, stated:

“In the past it had some weaknesses but now I feel that its understanding of the Go game and its judgments are beyond our ability.”

A computer program is more creative and cunning than a human! Eric, isn’t that something to be excited about?

But then I think that’s not enough. AI has more to prove. When will I be satisfied? When it cures cancer? Stops climate change? Becomes sentient?

That’s the human struggle isn’t it? That nothing will ever be good enough. In the future, will an artificial superintelligence ever be happy with itself or will it be doomed to the same fate as its makers?