How to deposit a Canadian check to my bank account

11:39:35 AM : ERIC CHU: Initial Question: What’s the easiest way to deposit a Canadian check to my checking account?

11:39:40 AM : <> Welcome ERIC CHU. My name is Ardie Powell. I will be helping you today. Your reference number for this chat session is 3978754.

11:39:52 AM : Ardie Powell: Greetings from Dallas! This is Ardie, I am happy to help.

11:40:22 AM : ERIC CHU: hi

11:40:35 AM : Ardie Powell: It will be just a moment please while I review your account.

11:40:38 AM : ERIC CHU: thanks

11:41:45 AM : Ardie Powell: Thank you for your patience.

11:43:31 AM : Ardie Powell: It shows that you have mobile deposit access.

11:43:50 AM : Ardie Powell: Let me verify though if we can have it deposited using Schwab Mobile App.

11:43:53 AM : ERIC CHU: Thanks

11:45:15 AM : Ardie Powell: You are welcome! I am now verifying it Eric.

11:46:50 AM : Ardie Powell: I will call our bank to verify it for you.

11:46:50 AM : Ardie Powell: One moment please.

11:47:18 AM : ERIC CHU: ok thanks

11:50:41 AM : Ardie Powell: Working with a colleague now.

11:53:02 AM : ERIC CHU: ok appreciated

11:54:26 AM : Ardie Powell: I am now talking to Bank Rep and he is checking it for me.

11:54:30 AM : ERIC CHU: ok

11:54:36 AM : Ardie Powell: Thank you Eric for your patience.

11:54:46 AM : ERIC CHU: This seems complicated for you guys :)

11:55:13 AM : ERIC CHU: Thanks for the help

11:55:46 AM : Ardie Powell: You are very much welcome!

11:57:38 AM : Ardie Powell: Hi Eric, Thank you for your patience.

11:58:51 AM : Ardie Powell: I was informed by our Bank Specialist that the check can be mailed to us.

11:59:42 AM : Ardie Powell: You may send the check to Charles Schwab For the Benefit of - your name + account number.

11:59:42 AM : Ardie Powell: The address for our El Paso operations center is P.O. Box 982600, El Paso, TX, 79998-2600.

11:59:53 AM : ERIC CHU: Ok thanks

12:00:00 PM : Ardie Powell: What other questions may I answer for you today?

12:00:03 PM : ERIC CHU: Can I mail the check in a normal envelope?

12:00:26 PM : Ardie Powell: Yes, you may.

12:00:42 PM : ERIC CHU: Ok thank you

12:00:44 PM : Ardie Powell: Is there anything else that I can help you with?

12:01:03 PM : Ardie Powell: You are very welcome! Have a great day!

12:01:04 PM : ERIC CHU: Nope, I appreciate the time & effort, thanks ARdie