Bye bye, cash

Today I was reminded how archaic cash is.

I recently sold my car and was paid in cash. Here are the steps to get the money into my bank, which doesn’t accept cash:

  1. Sell car
  2. Get cash
  3. Go to Vons
  4. Ask, and wait, for the store manager
  5. Manager buys money orders
  6. Money orders are printed
  7. I fill out a form including my address, date of birth, social security number
  8. I pay $7
  9. Manager fills out an entry for each money order
  10. I endorse (sign) the back of each order
  11. Open my bank mobile app
  12. Begin a mobile deposit
  13. Enter in the amount, take a photo of the front and back of the money order
  14. Submit
  15. Repeat 7 more times
  16. Wait 8 hours for money to arrive

If only there were a secure, painless way of transferring money.

Bitcoin just hit $1,423 at the time of this writing.

Wondering if I should short Western Union…