Bye bye A Small Orange

This morning I awoke to an email stating that I’d been charged 50% more for my monthly hosting fee for A Small Orange, a hosting company I’ve been using for years, without prior notification that it would happen. (Edit: They did send an invoice but it’s hard to notice a price bump without calling attention to it.)

I wasn’t happy and sprung into action.

My friend Fred suggested that I move this site to s3 + cloudfront and shared a fantastic guide by David Baumgold: Host a Static Site on AWS, using S3 and CloudFront

After 30 minutes of intense S3 console management, the site was running on S3.

Since this site is generated with Middleman , I needed a way to easily upload changes to s3 and found a fantastic utility called s3_website that syncs the output folder with s3 and invalidates cloudfront URLs automatically.

Things are running smoothly now!